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Scientific events

Scientific events form the core of academic exchange and research communities. These platforms bring together scientists, researchers, experts, practitioners, and enthusiasts from various fields to present the latest findings, exchange ideas, and shape the future of science.

Sports events

Practical experience is crucial. It is often an important requirement used by employers when interviewing and selecting applicants. At the University of Bayreuth, in particular the Bayreuth Center of Sport Science, gives students a range of opportunities to meet this requirement.

For example, students of Sport, Business & Law ("Spökos" for short) regularly host four different events at the University of Bayreuth: the Basketball Campus Jam, Summerfeeling am Unistrand, Maisel's Weisse Football Tournament, and the Boulder Cup.
These events are organized and run by the students themselves. They provide a great way to gain practical experience, especially in the acquisition of sponsors, public relations, and organizing and running events.

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