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BaySpo - Bayreuth Center of Sport Science

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At BaySpo, the Bayreuth Centre of Sport Science, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research is being carried out on a wide range of topics that are oriented around three strategic pillars:

  • Innovation & Technology
  • Sustainability & Responsibility
  • Health & Disease

 The Bayreuth Center of Sport Science is shaping society with innovative, sustainability-based and health-oriented research on the potentials of sport and exercise. In this context, the focus is on issues relating to organisations, products, and services in sport, as well as the use of nature, physical activity, and participation in games and sports.
BaySpo offers evidence-based solutions to actively accompany ecological, social, economic and technological transformation processes. We meet current challenges with tangible innovations and support individual participation in society and the environment. Our research highlights the relationship between the socio-ecological and economic parameters along with the individual and social design of sport. We research how exercise, training and nutrition contribute to strengthening individual resources and thus also to preventing illness and promoting health.

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